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Melbourne conga player/percussionist, Abu

Playing: congas bongos darabukah

Styles: reggae, latin, funk, middle eastern

Location: inner Melbourne Australia

Hi, name is Abu. I am a Melbourne Australia based conga player with many years experience in latin, reggae, funk and middle eastern. My specialty is probably more funk and reggae than anything else, but my background is in traditional latin and afro Cuban styles.

I do a lot of sitting in or spontaneous playing with a few bands just for the fun of it. I used to be full time playing in all the clubs, but now have my own business so can't commit to this.

I like to jam with good players where there is a good crowd and a few beers floating around. When available, I am open to recordings, gigs and jams sessions. It has to be fun, no drama queens or precious little rock stars.

This is my criteria for a gig:
  • good crowd
  • fun people
  • good players
  • good venue
  • beer!
If you can say yes to all of these, and I am available, I am interested in playing.


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