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Conga politics, not for the faint hearted, read with caution

Well here is my chance to have a gripe at the people who are determinded to destroy our freedom and way of life by introducing an idiotic, brainless idealology into Australia. I cannot stand socialists, communists and most politcal or religious extremists. Been there, done that.

The first casualty of socialism will be freedom of speech. We are already seeing the thing edge of the wedge of this with our socialst government. One example is: traitors like Bob Brown, Julia Gillard (actually Charged with treason:Traitor), are tyring to make it illegal to voice any dissent regarding Global warming.

For a start, man made global warming is a load of bullshit!

See these sites and do the sums yourself:
Global warming lies and treason
More Global warming lies and treason

So Julia and Bob, fuck you! You are traitors and you are both working for the global banksters just like Rudd is. Greens party my ass. These traitors have an agenda with the NWO.

Your rights are being taken away every day by these treasonous bastards. In the courts, in the banking systems, in the government, in the military and in the education system. Australias sovereignty is being handed to the UN and the globalist banksters on a silver platter by these pricks. Vote them out before they take away your right to vote as well.
Vote for real change:

Some other sites of interest

These people do not endorse my views in any way and have not consented to my linking to them.
More to come...
You might think my views are extreme, but I think Australia has a way of life and we also heve a degree of freedom that many countries do not have (or at least the illusion of freedom). I do not want to see our way of life destroyed by political or religious extremists of any persuasion.

Australia has a constitution, we are a common law country, we are not subject to the UN jurisdiction or under their direction. We are a free sovereign nation with our own way of life.
If you dont like our way of life, or it clashes with your religion or culture, or it does not conform to your political idealology, dont try to change it, get the fuck out and take your bullshit with you!!
Go live in a shit hole country that is already run by socialist despots or religious zealots.
See what it is really like to live under these regemes before you start bitching about this country.

While I respect the rights of all people to have their opinion and to voice it, most of these socialists etc believe that I do not have the right to have any opinion contrary to their bullshit dogmatic idealology. And they would gladly take away my right to say it.

This is mainly because of their sexual frustration and excessive masturbation. Remember, only ugly people are socialists so they never get laid. They are angry at the world because god made them ugly.
I have been to socialist meetings in Melbourne, what a bunch of ugly fucked up, goose stepping social rejects. Not one of them looked like they had done a real days work in heir shitty lifes. All of them had that scowl on their face that shows they haven't got laid for a long time, if ever. Evolution made them ugly so that they would not procreate, even god hates socialists.

Proof of their ugliness exists here:
These are the ugly fuckers that want to destroy your freedom and rule your mind. Their parents never heard of condoms, worst luck.

And further to vent my anger at this situation, (and possibly because I am going bald and getting fat). Please print this on a t-shirt and wear it with pride:

Free speech rocks!!! for now!!!