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Conga lessons

Thank you for your visiting my website. Unfortunately I am tied up with work commitments for a while and have stopped teaching altogether for now. As far as musicians go, that makes me a sell out ha ha.
Sorry if my website says I am still in action, I have'nt got the heart to pull it down as I may revive my playing at some stage in the near future. Maybe I will have a mid life crisis, buy a Ferrari and start playing again ha ha!
Anyway, for lessons the best people I could refer you to are:

Javier Fredes

In my opinion, is one of the best conga players (I have not seen them all though) in Melbourne and a nice guy as well. Very respected here and abroad:

Both of these guys are extroadinarily good drummers and tend more towards the African way of playing conga, but they know and play all the traditional afro cuban and latin stuff as well, (correct me if I am wrong). These guys are both great people and very good teachers with many years experience. They also skin and sell drums of all types.

Simon Lewis

Simon Fraser

This guy:

Ray Periera:
Has been in the game for a very long time and although I do not personally know him, he is one of the best percussionists in Australia and world renowned.

Billy Hydes has a large range of teachers and classes available all over Australia, all of there teachers are of a high standard.

I hope this helps you guys out. When you get up and running, why not put some videos of yourself up on youtube and send me a link, I would be very interested to see how you go.

I hope to hear from you, good luck.